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Renting Motorbikes in Phuket

Motorbike rental

Motorcycles ranging from 100cc bikes to superbikes can be found for hire in most busy beach areas. Prices start at about 200 Baht per day for a 100cc Honda or Suzuki motorbike.

The law is vague concerning tourists and motorbike licences. No one will stop you hiring one without a bike licence, or even bother to ask if you have one, and the police may or may not care if you have one. Often a car driving licence is enough.

Insurance is often non-existent or of minimal value. In fact, there is no such thing as first-class insurance on motorbikes in Thailand, no matter what the rental shop may tell you. However, by law, they must have third-party insurance. This however, is very basic and doesn’t cover theft.

Take extra care when riding a motorbike. They are dangerous at the best of times, but factor in poor roads and a lack of a highway code, and you may begin to see why motorbike accidents account for the vast majority of tourist injuries and fatalities in Phuket. Please our section on road safety for more information.

Crash helmets must be worn by the driver, despite the number of Thais you may see riding around without one. The police have increased their efforts to enforce the wearing of helmets, and as a foreigner you stand a much greater chance of being stopped and fined. Why people should have to be forced to wear something that will save their life is puzzling, yet there are quite a few tourists who don’t.


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