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Tuk Tuks in Phuket

Phuket Tuk Tuks

Tuk-tuks can be found all over Phuket, although they tend to be clustered in large numbers around Patong. Tuk-tuks are basically small red vans, which have open backs and sides, and can carry about five passengers. They are 4-wheeled as opposed to the 3-wheeled version found in Bangkok.

The fare must be agreed beforehand depending on the distance. Do not let the driver try to charge per passenger as well. This is a scam. The current fares in Patong have been set at 200 Baht for any distance within Patong but many drivers will try to charge more.

If you are going to a more distant location, you will need to agree a round trip fee or try to hire them by the hour. Otherwise you might have difficulty getting a ride back.

Make sure you insist that the driver does not take you anywhere other than your specified destination. Some drivers will also try to take you to shops for which they receive a commission or petrol vouchers. Of course this might be ok if you actually want to look around some shops.


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