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Phuket Telephone and Fax Facilities


Phuket Telephone
  • Country Code:  66
  • Area Code:  076
  • IDD Code:  001

When calling Phuket from overseas you need to leave out the ‘0’ at the beginning of the area code, so you would dial 66-76-…

To call overseas from Thailand, you first need to dial the international direct dial (IDD) access code, which is 001, followed by the relevant country code (001 + country code + area code + phone number), e.g. UK (44), so you would dial 001-44-…

For mobile phones see our guide to using your mobile phone in Phuket.

Payphones: There are a number of different types of public payphones in Phuket

  1. Regular coin-operated phones: These can be used for local or long distance domestic calls and are found along busy streets.
  2. Card-phones: These are orange and can usually be found next to the coin-operated pay phones. You can purchase a phone card from convenience stores, such as 7-Elevens, at a post office and Telephone Authority offices.
  3. International phone booths: These are yellow and are found in popular tourist areas, such as Patong and Phuket City. You can purchase a pre-paid card from some mobile phone shops and convenience stores. Alternatively, they also accept credit cards. Call rates are reasonable; a call to the US is around 20 baht per minute.

(See useful numbers for emergency numbers, embassies and consulates and other numbers you might need during your stay).

If you are resident in Phuket, see getting a telephone line.


Fax facilities are widely available in hotels, post offices and travel agencies. See above for IDD access codes.


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